Penn State Beekeepers Weigh In On The Current State Of Bees

October 26, 2016

From: Onward State



Grozinger says the loss of honeybee colonies and wild bee populations is caused by pathogens, parasites, pesticides, and reduced nutrition as the diversity of plants around colonies decreases. The Beekeeping Club pointed to an invasive species of parasitic mites they say has weakened the immune system of colonies across the country. By infiltrating the brood — containing bee larvae– the parasites can infect colonies with viruses like black queen cell and deformed wing virus.

“The mites affecting bees are called varroa mites. These are a major problem for Western Honey Bee populations and majorly contribute to colony collapse disorder,” Club President Grace Billy said. “Nationwide, beekeepers are losing 30-60 percent of their colonies.”

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