Technology and connectivity: tipping the balance to save the world’s bees?

September 30, 2015

From: MemeBurn

As the growing network of smart, connected devices starts to change our world, scientists are increasingly looking to technology for new applications — often in the most unexpected spheres. With global bee populations already declining significantly and under new pressure from disease, an innovative technology-based solution could provide a new source of hope for bee farmers across the world. Called “MiteNot”, the technology is currently being trialled in America, with connectivity being provided by Gemalto’s machine-to-machine (M2M) module. Should trials prove effective, the solution might hold new hope for South Africa’s own bee populations – currently under threat from American Foul Brood Disease.


A sophisticated technology-based solution is currently being trialled in America by a team led by Marla Spivak, McKnight University Professor of apiculture/ social insects at the University of Minnesota. The team is investigating whether it can successfully help control the mites that appear to cause the Colony Collapse Disorder currently decimating US bee populations.

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