Ontario Pollinator Health Blueprint

March 16, 2015

From: Grain Farmers of Ontario

Ontario Pollinator Health Blueprint

The Pollinator Task Force (Task Force) was assembled by Grain Farmers of Ontario in the winter of 2014 to help identify opportunities to enhance pollinator and managed bee health. The Task Force reviewed the results of consultations with over 900 grain farmers across Ontario in early January 2015, collected information from a variety of sources, and met with experts with field experience to formulate recommendations. These recommendations have been compiled into the Ontario Pollinator Health Blueprint.

Read the Ontario Pollinator Health Blueprint here. •

Response to Ontario Government Re: Proposed Neonicotinoid Regulations

Grain Farmers of Ontario has submitted its response to the Ontario government’s proposed restrictions on neonicotinoid-treaded seeds. You can read it here, along with the recent Ontario Grain Farmer magazine article Farming Without Neonics and the Conference Board of Canada’s Seeds for Success: The Value of Seed Treatments for Ontario Growers. •

EBR Submission 012-3068
Farming Without Neonics Seeds for Success
Submission to EBR Posting
Farming Without Neonics Seeds for Success



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