FIRST PERSON: Euro knee-jerk reaction could make both wildlife and farmers the losers

December 15, 2014

From: Lincolnshire Echo

For any business to remain successful one of its main aims must be to produce more at less cost and agriculture is no exception.

Advances in technology must be embraced whether it is precision farming using GPS technology, better varieties of crops or indeed, for the non-organic farmers, improved solutions to weed, pest and disease control.

UK farmers growing oilseed rape in the 1990s saw the arrival of neonicotinoid chemistry in the form of a seed treatment.

In essence, this was a targeted application of pesticide to the seed, controlling many pests, including the cabbage stem flea beetle that attacked the young oilseed plants, and generally replaced insecticide sprays used mainly when the beetles were already creating havoc with the newly germinated plants.

Embrace technology

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