Storms’ impact on our bees (Bermuda)

October 29, 2014

From: The Royal Gazette

By Harrison EGN Isaac Sr

The destructive winds of Tropical Storm Fay and Hurricane Gonzalo, which hit Bermuda this month, has caused hundreds of thousands of dollars damage to businesses, Government building, schools, tourist accommodations, visitor attractions, and to personal properties.


It was reported earlier this year that during the past six years Bermuda had lost 65 percent of its managed honeybee hives, which is believed to be the result of the dreaded Varroa mite (Varroa destructor), an external honeybee parasitic mite. This mite attaches itself to the bee and sucks what some call the “bee’s blood” which in itself does not kill the bee, but weakens its immune system and renders it susceptible to viruses that are introduced by the mite.

The Varroa mite was discovered and given its name by an Australian Bee Pathologist Dr Dennis Anderson. He also tracked down the origin of this parasitic mite. The presence of the Varroa mite in Bermuda was discovered by Bermudian beekeeper Lewell Woolridge Jr. The Varroa mite infestation has affected every country in the world with the exception of Australia.

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