Speaking Science to Activists: Neonics Are NOT the Cause of Bee Health Decline

October 27, 2014

Editor’s Note: The following article discusses scientists who are reluctant to discuss the environmental friendliness of neonicotinoids because of threats to their careers from “true ‘believers and zealots’ hype the neonic risk and use ‘their research to make an issue where none exists, or make it larger to garner press for the ego and funds for the lab.'” Fortunately, there are environmental regulators around the world who are willing to evaluate bee health decline based on the best available science. The views of leading environmental regylatory agencies on bees, varroa desctructor and neonics are available here.

From: The Western Producer

by Robert Arnason

Neonicotinoid debate gets ugly  |  Scientists who defend seed treatments say they are verbally attacked if they speak out

Canadian scientists who believe insecticidal seed treatments are safe are not contributing to the debate over neonicotinoids over fears of how other researchers and environmental groups will react.

Ontario environment minister Glen Murray and provincial environment commissioner Gord Miller said earlier this month that neonics are a greater threat to Canada’s ecosystem than DDT.

Few, if any, Canadian toxicologists and environmental scientists responded.

Canadian scientists who spoke off the record said that publicly challenging these sorts of comments has become hazardous to their careers.

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