Protecting the bees part of new initiative

September 15, 2014

From: Southern Weekly

By Olivia Shying

WHEN talking about bees, the majority think  about about protecting themselves from unwanted stings.

Now CropLife Australia is encouraging people to think about it differently – launching an initiative to protect the pollinators.

CropLife Australia ‘s new pollinator initiative is aimed at ensuring Australia’s bee colony remains healthy and strong.

To ensure this they have released a Seed Treatment Stewardship Strategy that ensures farmers have access to practice management guidance. 

Chief of CropLife Australia Matthew Cossey said this strategy was the first set of guidelines made available to farmers. 

“Australia has one of the healthiest honey bee colonies in the world and the pollinator protection initiative recognises the importance of pollinators for Australian agriculture and the environment,” Mr Cossey said.

“Seed treatments are an excellent example of how the seed industry and the crop protection industry provide Australian farmers with pioneering tools to meet ongoing crop production challenges.”

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