Bayer CropScience opens Bee Care Center in RTP

April 16, 2014

From: The Herald-Sun

Laura Oleniacz

DURHAM — Honeybees are in trouble.

Each year, the United States loses about a third of its honeybee population, said David R. Tarpy, an associate professor and extension beekeeper at N.C. State University.

And while beekeepers have been building the numbers back up, he said, it’s difficult for them to keep up at that pace of loss.

“The overall problem is that colonies are dying off at a greater rate than what is sustainable, and because we need them for pollinators, we need a sustainable honeybee population,” he said.

Responding to that threat, Bayer CropScience, a producer of pesticides, genetically modified seeds and traits for crops and other products, opened the $2.4 million North American Bayer Bee Care Center Tuesday. The company, which has its North American headquarters in the Research Triangle Park, is a division of Germany-based Bayer AG.

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