CLA wants harmonized approach to bee health, endocrine policies

March 28, 2014

From: AGProfessional

CropLife America  |

CropLife America (CLA) president and CEO Jay Vroom addressed companies and associations from the crop protection and biotechnology sectors during CropLife Asia’s annual general meeting. In his remarks, Vroom asked meeting attendees from around Asia to come together under a new global approach developed by CropLife International (CLI) offering guidance related to both endocrine disruption and pollinator health issues.

“Issues tied to both pollinator health and endocrine disruption have truly become international in scope and require a more globally harmonized approach,” Vroom said.

He noted active planning is underway by CLI teams in order to provide for more harmonized, scientific information; a stronger approach to research; and further refinement of educational best practices for member associations and companies worldwide. “Our ability to use similar information with governments and media around the world will greatly
support our goal of ensuring that worldwide regulators have the information they require to do their important work,” Vroom added.

Vroom noted that these two regulatory issues are becoming more international in part due to the expansion of trade in both treated agricultural produce and crop technologies. He said, “We are seeing agriculture become more trade-dependent, and with the prospects of even more free trade agreements such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, there is a great need for more harmony in the regulation of crop production technologies. The ability of Asian nations to communicate with U.S. and EU authorities about the importance of science-based risk assessments for pesticide regulations is vital.”

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