Several US states weigh in on cigarette label suit

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RICHMOND: Several states and US territories are weighing in on a lawsuit over proposed graphic cigarette warning labels that include a sewn-up corpse of a smoker and a picture of diseased lungs, saying the federal government should be allowed to require the labels for the “lethal and addictive” products.

The 24 attorneys general filed a friend of the court brief on Friday in the US Court of Appeals in Washington in support of the Food and Drug Administration’s challenge of a lower court ruling in the case.

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Exempts Cigars from Sports Sponsorship Ban, Then Complains that Cigar Company is Sponsoring Orange Bowl; More Hypocrisy


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Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Exempts Cigars from Sports Sponsorship Ban, Then Complains that Cigar Company is Sponsoring Orange Bowl; More Hypocrisy

The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids has joined Senator Dick Durbin in condemning the Orange Bowl for accepting sponsorship from a cigar company and urging the NCAA to prohibit such sponsorship. In a letter to the Orange Bowl and the NCAA, the Campaign writes: “As public health groups that combat the use of tobacco and its devastating toll on American families every day, we urge the Orange Bowl Committee and the NCAA to cancel a cigar company sponsorship of the Discover Orange Bowl. Tobacco has no place in sports, and the promotion of cigars at such a prestigious sporting event entices youth and young adults, putting them at risk of developing a deadly addiction.”

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Where’s the Beef?


Henningfield’s Bluster


Charges laid in massive Alberta cigarette bust

Contraband smokes worth $3M in lost taxes

By Kirsten Goruk, April 15, 2011


EDMONTON – The chief of the Montana First Nation and three other people will appear in Wetaskiwin provincial court on June 23 to face charges stemming from the province’s largest ever seizure of contraband tobacco.

Robbie Dickson, Jason Lucas and Dwayne Ouimet face charges under the Tobacco Tax Act for illegally importing cigarettes for resale.

Chief Carolyn Buffalo, Dickson and Ouimet are also charged with two counts each of illegally storing cigarettes not marked for sale.

Happy Birthday Wishes to the Data Quality Act

December 21, 2010 marks the tenth anniversary of the Data Quality Act (DQA), also known as the Information Quality Act, 44 U.S.C § 3516, note.

The DQA has deep roots developed over nearly a half-century as the result of a seed planted during the Johnson Administration which germinated in the Nixon Administration, was watered by the Carter Administration and whose product was harvested by the Reagan Administration, made available to the public in the Bush I Administration and subsequently enhanced by the Clinton Administration and promoted by the Bush II and Obama Administrations. See: and

Member Statements: TPSAC Meeting Oct 7-8 2010

Dr. Samet


Dr. Henningfield and Dr. Connolly

 Dr. Clanton

 Dr. Samet

 Dr. Connolly


Member Statements: June 8 and 9 Gaithersburg

David Burns, MD (UCSD, School of Medicine, Professor Emeritus) (9:00 am) noted that the WHO list of the most hazerdoous tobacco constitutents was not based solely on toxicology per se as the list was developed for regulatory purposes.

– Clifford Watson, Ph.D. (CDC) (11:20am) stated that “we would want to use the best available science to decide this list of harmful constituents.”

– Dr. Burns, (11:40am) stated that animal toxicity data is not a reliable predictor of human toxicity.

Statement of Dr. Greg Connolly on Protecting Smokers

Dr. Connolly made the following statement at first Advisory Committee meeting:

“I hope everything we do shows respect and dignity to smokers. We are here to help smokers.”

What are the public policy implications of this statement? In particular should the advisory committee  examine the effects a ban on menthol would have on smuggling,  production of counterfeit products and the funding of criminal organizations?

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Statements made by members of the Advisory Committee will be presented on this page.

CRE will begin by conducting reviews over time and the order of the members chosen is only determined by the ease in identifying key statements.

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