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The purpose of this blog is to provide a forum for those who are entering the work force to describe their professional interests and to profit from the views of others  which will assist  them in the promotion of  their work products in relevant venues.

We appreciate the emails we have received. That said we have very stringent rules on our release  of emails we receive– we are old school, well before emails–we do not release correspondence directed to us unless the initiating party states we may do so.

Accordingly for your comments to have the greatest impact they should be transmitted as a reply to this post using the Comment section below. Please note that periodically we sweep the site to remove dated material.

NB  A number of readers have used this forum to express their views on the Common Law Initiativefeel free to continue this practice. Readers are also encouraged to vent  emerging policy issues unique to their particular area of employment.

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  1. CRE

    Verbal Transmission to CRE

    An interested party views the subject (Common Law Initiative) as one deserving of additional consideration because of the issues it raises. The said party, however, wanted to emphasize that it was not taking any position on the merits of the recommendations.

  2. CRE

    Verbal Transmission to CRE

    Unfortunately CRE does not have the resources to answer all the questions we receive. Consequently we answer some of those which appeal to a broad audience. A recurring question deals with the reception accorded to the Common Law Initiative.

    In a nutshell, there has been considerable interest at the international level and a very modest interest at the domestic level. One can only surmise on the reasons behind the aforementioned observations. At the international level a number of the commenters are wary of what they perceive to be as an unchecked judiciary; at the domestic level CRE’s guess, and it is only a guess, is that the major cohort examining this issue consists of legal academicians who are not interested in publicizing the Common Law Initiative.

  3. CRE

    Written Response to CRE

    A number of our readers have remarked that an aggressive program to combat climate change is stymied because of common law constraints. In that CRE’s motivation for addressing the Common Law Initiative is to develop an administrative process to address possible deficiencies in the common law process as presently practiced, we have no preconceived ideas on the resultant outcomes of the aforementioned administrative process. Nonetheless we call your attention to the November 7 post in the “Recent Events” section.

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