Feds scrutinizing Carrier IQ

From: CNET News

by Elinor Mills

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is investigating allegations that Carrier IQ software is being used by operators to track cell phone activity without user permission, The Washington Post reported today citing anonymous officials.

Andrew Coward, vice president of marketing at Carrier IQ, told CNET he could not say whether there was an official investigation or not but said he spent Monday and Tuesday in Washington, D.C., talking to officials from the FTC and the Federal Communications Commission and answering their questions.

The Critical Role of Civil Servants

Historically, federal civil servants played a critical role in developing and implementing federal policy. The attached article in the Administrative Law Review, published by the American Bar Association in conjunction  with the Washington College of Law of the American University, sets forth in Section D on page 54  the critical role career federal employees had in the establishment of centralized regulatory review in the White House Office of Management and Budget.

Who Will Watch the Watchers? Google & Facebook Privacy Audits Should be Fully Public

Editor’s Note:  Federal data disseminations, including reports on privacy compliance that have been undertaken by or on behalf of the FTC, are subject to the quality standards and correction provisions of the Data Quality Act


From: Huffington Post

by Nathan Newman, Founder, Tech-Progress.org

Facebook this past month agreed to twenty years of independent audits of its privacy practices, joining Google which agreed earlier this year to similar audits following its breaches of user privacy when it introduced its aborted Buzz social network.