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September 2018

National Cyber Strategy of the United States of America

Editor’s Note: The National Cyber Strategy (September 2018) is available here (pdf 1.4 MB) Below is a brief excerpt.

The Way Forward

New threats and a new era of strategic competition
demand a new cyber strategy that responds
to new realities, reduces vulnerabilities, deters
adversaries, and safeguards opportunities for
the American people to thrive. Securing cyberspace
is fundamental to our strategy and requires
technical advancements and administrative
efficiency across the Federal Government and
the private sector. The Administration also
recognizes that a purely technocratic approach
to cyberspace is insufficient to address the
nature of the new problems we confront. The
United States must also have policy choices
to impose costs if it hopes to deter malicious
cyber actors and prevent further escalation.

Federal Cloud Computing Strategy [Draft for Public Comment]

From: Cloud.CIO.gov

This is a draft strategy open for public feedback. You may provide feedback in three ways:1. Content suggestions and discussions are welcome via GitHub “issues.” Each issue is a conversation initiated by a member of the public. We encourage you to browse and join in on discussions in existing issues, or start a new conversation by opening a new issue.

2. Direct changes and line edits to the content may be submitted through a “pull request” by clicking “Edit this page” on any site page in the repository.. You do not need to install any software to suggest a change. You can use GitHub’s in-browser editor to edit files and submit a pull request for your changes to be merged into the document. Directions on how to submit a pull request can be found on GitHub. Open pull requests for the proposed guidance can be found in the site repository on GitHub