BOEM and BSEE Compliant Course on marine mammal observation and mitigation

Last chance to book places on this BOEM and BSEE Compliant course.

Comprehensive training from experts in their field for those who wish to pursue a career in marine mammal observation and mitigation for the offshore seismic industry. It includes one day on board a vessel to allow you to gain experience with marine mammal identification while at sea.

Day 1 (classroom)
Introduction to Marine Mammals & Sea Turtles
Legislation within the Gulf of Mexico & Global Oceans
Introduction to Seismic Surveys
Permitting Requirements
Role of the PSO
Data Collection & Reporting

Day 2 (classroom)
Clues & Search Methods for Marine Mammals & Sea Turtles
Species Identification
Testing & Certification

Day 3 (classroom)
Sound In Water
Marine Mammals
Anthropogenic Noise in the Sea
Effects of Anthropogenic Noise on Marine Mammals
Local Mitigation Guidelines
PAM Principles and the Role of the PAM Operator

Day 4 (classroom)
PAM Hardware & Operations
PAM Software
PAMGuard Workshop

Day 5 (on a vessel)
Set up and deployment of PAM systems and visual observer stations
Real-time mitigation and reporting

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