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DIA - Defense Intelligence Agency, DOD
DIAR - Department of the Interior Acquisition Regulation
Dictionaries, translating for Afrikaans, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish
Dictionary of American Sign Language Terms
Dictionary, Legal - search
Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms
Dictionary of Occupational Titles
Dictionary and Thesaurus, Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL)
Dictionary with look-up capability
Digital Television Broadcasters, Advisory Committee on Public Interest Obligations of, Further Amendment to E.O. 13038, E.O. 13102
Diplomatic Relations Act
Directory of U.S. District Courts
Directives, Instructions, and Regulations for Transportation Policy
Directories of names and addresses of Circuit and District Courts
Directories - 555-1212.com, a Collection of Directories
Directory of embassies
Directory of U.S. Courts of Appeals
Directory of U.S. District Courts
DISA - Defense Information Systems Administration, DOD
Disabilities - Technology-Related Assistance for Individuals With Disabilities Act of 1988
Disabilities Act, Americans with, home page
Disabilities Act of 1988, Technology-Related Assistance for Individuals
Disabilities - ADA Technical Assistance Program
Disability - Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities
Disabilities - Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), Titles I and Titles I and V
Disabilities Act of 1990, Americans with, Titles I and V
Disabilities - Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board Final Rule: Americans With Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines; Detectable Warnings
Disabilities - Developmental Disabilities Act of 1984
Disabilities, Education of Individuals with (IDEA)
Disabilities, Presidential Task Force On Employment of Adults with
Disabilities - Temporary Child Care for Children With Disabilities and Crisis Nurseries Act of 1986
Disabilities Act of 1988, Technology-Related Assistance for Individuals
Disabilities - Wagner-O'Day Act (Committee for Purchase From People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled)
Disabilities, Final Rule, Transportation for Individuals
Disabilities, Transportation for Individuals with, Final Rule
Disability Access Symbols
Disability - Assistive Technology Act of 1998
Disability - Social Security Rulings, 1960-2003
Disability and Health
Disability and Health, Office on, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, HHS
Disability Insurance Rulings, Social Security Administration
Disability and Rehabilitation Research, National Institute on, Dept. of Education
Disability - Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards
Disabled American Veterans
Disabled Americans Act, Primer for Small Business
Disabled Veterans' and Servicemen's Automobile and Adaptive Equipment Amendments of 1974
Discontinuing the Guam Island Naval Defensive Sea Area and Guam Island Naval Airspace Reservation, E.O. 11045
Discrimination - Robinson-Patman Anti-Discrimination Act
Diseases, Amendment of the List of Communicable Contained in E.O. 9708 of March 26, 1946, as Amended by E.O. 10532 of May 28, 1954, E.O. 11070
Dispute resolution, Better Business Bureau
Dispute Resolution Act
Disputes (Contract) Act of 1978
District Court, Alabama Middle
District Court, Alabama Northern
District Court, Alabama Northern District
District Court, Alaska
District Court, Arizona
District Court, Arkansas Eastern
District Court, Arkansas Western
District Court, California Central District
District Court, California Eastern
District Court, California Northern
District Court, Colorado
District Court, D.C.
District Court, Florida Southern
District Court, Georgia Middle
District Court, Georgia Northern
District Court, Idaho
District Court, Illinois Central
District Court, Illinois Northern
District Court, Illinois Southern
District Court, Indiana Northern
District Court, Indiana Southern
District Court, Iowa Northern
District Court, Iowa Southern
District Court, Iowa Southern District
District Court, Kentucky Eastern, bankruptcy
District Court, Kentucky Western District
District Court, Louisiana Middle
District Court, Maine
District Court, Maryland
District Court, Michigan Western District
District Court, Mississippi Northern
District Court, Mississippi Southern
District Court, Mississippi Southern District, Uniform Local Rules
District Court, Missouri Eastern
District Court, Nebraska
District Court, New Mexico
District Court, New York Eastern and Southern Districts, Joint Rules
District Court, New York Eastern District
District Court, New York Northern
District Court, New York Southern District
District Court, North Carolina Middle District
District Court, North Carolina Western
District Court, Ohio Northern District
District Court, Oregon
District Court, Pennsylvania Eastern District
District Court, Pennsylvania Middle
District Court, Pennsylvania Western
District Court, Puerto Rico
District Court, South Carolina
District Court, South Carolina published opinions, 1997 - search
District Court, South Dakota
District Court, South Dakota, 1996-2005
District Court, Texas Eastern District
District Court, Texas Southern District
District Court, Texas Western
District Court, Utah
District Court, Washington Eastern
District Court, Washington Western District
District Court, Wisconsin Western
District Court, Wisconsin Eastern District, Local Rules
District Court, Wisconsin Western District
District Court, Wyoming District
District Courts
District Courts, directory
District Courts, Directories of names and addresses of Circuit and
District of Columbia
Division for Public Education, American Bar Association
District of Columbia Bar
DLA - see also Defense Logistics Agency
DOD - see also Department of Defense
DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms
DoD Foreign Military Studies Office
DoD - Regulatory Law Office, Office of the Judge Advocate General
Dollinger Act (Food and Drugs)
Dolphin Protection Consumer Information Act
Domestic Volunteer Service Act of 1973
Dow Jones
Dred Scott, Plaintiff in Error, V. John F. A. Sandford 
Dred Scott Supreme Court decision, Description of 
Driftnet Act Amendments of 1990
Driftnet Impact Monitoring, Assessment, and Control Act of 1987, summary
Drug Abuse, Establishing The President's Advisory Commission on Narcotic and, E.O. 11076
Drug Abuse Prevention, Treatment, and Rehabilitation Act
Drug Elimination Act of 1990, Public and Assisted Housing
Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 (Drug-free workplace requirements for Federal contractors)
Drug law, overview
DTIC - Defense Technical Information Center, DOD
Duties, customs