Insider Threat: The Domestic Cyber Terrorist

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It is dangerously naive for business and government leaders to dismiss the risk of radicalized privileged users inside our critical industries.

John Moynihan

Global intelligence agencies agree that adversaries of the United States are planning cyber campaigns designed to inflict lasting damage upon the nation’s critical infrastructure, disrupt our economy, and spread societal chaos. Although many anticipate that these campaigns will be launched from abroad, this perspective is dangerously naive.

Having spent the past 20 years detecting insider malice, I have a message for our leaders: Anticipate that these attacks may not originate from the territories of rogue nation states or the enclaves of violent extremists, but from inside of the targeted organizations.


Inside Threats: How Employers Can Mitigate Cyber-Attack Risks through Labor Law Mechanisms

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Oksana I. Voynarovska and Yaroslava Zagoruiko | Vasil Kisil & Partners

During the last few decades the issue of cyber security has become a burning one for both public and private sector actors. The world is changing which leads to new cyber security challenges for companies and their management. New technologies and development of the “Internet of Things” (namely, the interconnection of various electronic devices) require proper regulations made by both governments and individual entities.