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October 2017

Banning Menthol Cigarettes Will Have ‘Unintended Consequences’, Coalition Says

From: L.A. Watts Times

Written by Jennifer Bihm

A ban on menthol flavored cigarettes beginning to sweep the nation will have unintended negative consequences, especially for African Americans according to a coalition that advocates for equity in the implementation of policies. Part of the coalition is the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives whose members say that the ban will open up additional avenues to police abuse toward Blacks. They are trying, they said, to stop the ban and urge legislators to focus more on health solutions to the problem rather than criminalization.

We should beware of ceding tobacco to the criminals

From: Sydney Morning Herald | Opinion


Against that background it has been sobering to learn that tobacco is now a target for criminal activity. Recent high-profile arrests have exposed extensive international smuggling operations. Our reports have revealed how widespread the sale of cheap, illegal tobacco has become in Australia. Tobacco excise is now so high, and cigarette production so circumscribed, that smuggling is a lucrative – and for criminals relatively safe – alternative to the illegal drug trade. This should be a serious warning to policymakers. It signals clearly, in flashing red letters, that current approaches need to be rethought.