Biggest illegal tobacco bust in North American history underscores need for government action on contraband cigarettes

From: Voice

MEMBERS of the National Coalition Against Contraband Tobacco (NCACT) on Tuesday met with MPs and policy advisors to stress the importance of the federal government taking action on Canada’s illegal tobacco market.

“Less than one month ago the biggest illegal tobacco bust in North American history took place in Canada This bust, known as Operation Mygale, which involved over 700 police officers, resulted in the arrests of more than 60 people and included the seizure of close to 53,000 kg of tobacco. According to law enforcement groups, over the past 18 months the criminals involved in this bust illegally imported into Canada close to 2,300 tons of processed tobacco, which represents a total production of 4 billion cigarettes,” said Gary Grant, a 39-year veteran of the Toronto Police Service and national spokesperson for the NCACT. “This bust also included the seizure of 836 kilograms of cocaine and other drugs. Clearly this is a problem which isn’t getting better which is why we are here today.”

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