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Revitalizing The Department of Energy's Role as an Energy Regulation Watchdog
One of Congress' primary reasons for creating the Department of Energy (DOE) was to establish an energy regulatory watchdog that would coordinate energy-related policies across the government. Specifically, Congress found that:

"responsibility for energy policy, regulation, and research, development and demonstration is fragmented in many departments and agencies and thus does not allow for the comprehensive, centralized focus necessary for effective coordination of energy supply and conservation programs;" and

"formulation and implementation of a national energy program require the integration of major Federal energy functions into a single department in the executive branch." 42 USC 7111

Moreover, the legislation went on to state that its purpose was "To provide for a mechanism through which a coordinated national energy policy can be formulated and implemented...." 42 USC 7112

Despite noble intentions, DOE has not yet fulfilled its purpose. Energy policy is still made in an uncoordinated fashion across an array of agencies including the Bureau of Land Management, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the EPA and others.

DOE, however, may begin to fulfill its intended role in coordinating energy regulations across the government through its retrospective review of regulations process.

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