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Family Farms Need Quality Data
The Family Farm Alliance, which describes itself as "an effective, low cost grass roots group," has filed a Data Quality petition with the "U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to ensure that any new federal requirements for the protection of Delta Smelt will be based solely on the best available information."

FFAs petition recognizes the crucial role of OMBs Peer Review Bulletin in implementing the DQA and raises conflict of interest questions regarding FWSs peer review process. As FFA explains, "The Final Bulletin specifically requires certain conflict of interest standards be met in peer review of highly influential scientific assessments. Those standards were not met by the peer review document disseminated with the Effects Analysis. Two of the reviewers were either authors of papers upon which the BO is based and/or receive funding or commissions from the government agencies which authored the Effects Analysis."

Among the FFAs petition requests are that "the Effects Analysis...include a discussion of the limitations of existing climate models" and that the "Effects Analysis... recognize that climate change will occur independent of Project operations, and thus is not an effect of the Projects."

FWS has a record of taking seriously their responsibilities under the Data Quality Act. For example, FWS took multiple corrective actions in response to a Data Quality petition regarding the Florida Panther. FWSs response to FFAs Request for Correction will be closely watched to help ensure that the agency continues their commitment to data quality.

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