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Saying Sayonara to the Sierra Club
A long-time environmentalist and Sierra Club member explained why he is refusing to renew his membership for the first time in 35 years. In a Denver Post column, the adjunct environmental law professor cited a number of reasons for his estrangement from the NGO including its size and lack of focus.

Among the columnist’s objections were the Sierra Club’s conflicting goals and lack of realism. Specifically, the author notes that the “Sierra Club is unalterably opposed to nuclear power...but it seems not to recognize that wind and solar power cannot give the Chinese and the Indians the life styles we have taught them to want, so the problem of carbon dioxide and global climate change are made worse.”

The writer explains that the Sierra Club needs to spend more time on protecting the environment and less on fund raising, “Today, Carl [Pope] e-mailed a friend to say that the grizzly is being delisted as an endangered species, but he did not suggest this was an occasion to write Congress about the value of the Endangered Species Act. He thought it was a reason to send more money.”

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