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Hello Isolationism
Global Trade Watch, a project of NGO behemoth Public Citizen, Inc., continues its efforts to maintain poverty in the developing world in order to further its isolationist and anti-corporate goals.

GTW’s latest assault against improving Latin American economies is a report that purports to reveal how “pending trade agreements like those with Peru and Panama will worsen imported food and product safety problems.” In bold type, the report warns that “Of particular concern regarding the Peru, Panama and Colombia agreements is the anticipated increase in seafood imports.”

Public Citizen’s disgraceful goal of blocking access to US markets by Peruvian, Panamanian and Columbian fishermen can only harm development and standards of living in these countries.

While food safety is Public Citizen’s nominal concern, the NGO’s anti-trade blog, Eyes on Trade, reveals more varied reasons for opposing the proposed trade agreements such as opposition from the Machinists union (not the world’s most notable food safety experts) and opposition to Peru’s privatized social security system.

Of greatest irony, the intensely litigious Public Citizen is concerned that the agreements could allow companies to file suit if they believe their rights under international agreements have been violated. Perhaps PC should first give up their own litigation efforts before trying to curtail the legal rights of other organizations.

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