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The Inconvenient Facts
The professional protestors of Greenpeace staged yet another made-for-the-media event outside a Porsche factory in Germany by bringing in a pink Cayenne Turbo (nice budget you got there Greenpeace) “dressed up in pig ears and a porker's nose.”

According the Autoblog, Porsche is Greenpeace’s latest Enemy because of their “opposition to a flat European CO2 emissions limit applying to all cars from all manufacturers. Porsche's argument is that since it builds luxury performance vehicles that incorporate numerous technology, safety and comfort features, it is compare them to the compact and subcompact cars that would obviously be favored by such legislation. Porsche instead advocates a tiered system that sets aggressive limits on a per-vehicle-class basis....” In short, Porsche supports environmental gains but prefers not to be regulated out of existence.

Autoblog also thoughtfully posted some inconvenient facts from Porsche that highlight the silliness of Greenpeace’s complaints: 1) “Porsche's contribution to CO2 emissions in traffic less than 0.1 per cent.” 2) “Porsche has the lowest CO2 emissions per horsepower.” 3) “Porsche will reduce CO2 emissions by more than 20 per cent by the year 2012.” 4) “Porsche is introducing the hybrid engine: less than 9 litres fuel consumption on 100 km.”

Greenpeace’s latest goofiness leaves Winston with one question for the NGO, since the environmental watchdog is far too noble to continue owning a Porsche, can Winston have the Cayenne Turbo?

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