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Generation Whine
In a clever marketing move, the National Resources Defense Council has teamed up with the venerable pseudo-punk pop band Green Day to "Move America Beyond Oil." How will NRDC and the band accomplish this move? With "cell phone activism" and by empowering "music fans to demand clean, renewable energy solutions...."

There's no need for investment in new technologies or consideration of economic costs and consumer choices. No, all that is needed to achieve for safe, clean energy security is to "empower" people to "demand" solutions. How simple. Energy policy for the whiney and self-indulgent.

Why develop new energy resources and conservation strategies when NRDC and Green Day are offering a "brand new tool that allows..." their followers "to send text messages directly from their cell phones to lawmakers and corporate leaders..."? Wow. Energy security through text messaging. What a concept.

It is easy to dismiss the NRDC-Green Day alliance as nothing more than another bit of silly self-promotional fluff the sort of PR essential to pop stars and NGOs. Unfortunately, the environmental watchdog and the band are reinforcing the notion that achieving a balanced, sustainable energy policy requires nothing more loud demands and exclusive videos not to mention the all-important "chance to win Green Day gear."

According to Wikipedia, John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten recently described Green Day as "plonk" and "phony." The former Sex Pistol's words also serve as an apt description of the NRDC-Green Day energy campaign.

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