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The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is among the world's most popular, respected and well run sporting organizations. However, NASCAR's grassroots and commercial success has made them a target of the neo-prohibitionist Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI).

Proving that the only "science" that exists at CSPI is in their name, the NGO has attacked NASCAR for allowing the logos of beer companies and other producers of adult beverages on their cars. According to CSPI, "Linking drinking with high-speed driving—in front of audiences that include millions of young people—is asking for trouble. ... Young people—especially those under 12 years old—lack the social and intellectual sophistication to understand fully that alcohol and driving are a potentially lethal mixture."

CSPI's assertions raise several questions such as what scientific evidence is there that the logos somehow encourage drinking and driving? Or where is the evidence that young children watching NASCAR events or playing with NASCAR toys, somehow come think that they should drink and drive? However, CSPI's anti-NASCAR campaign has far less to do with cars then it does with their ideological opposition to alcohol. As WatchDogWatch previously documented, when it comes to alcohol, CSPI prefers censorship to education.

CSPI has asked that the Federal Trade Commission investigate adult beverage companies' sponsorship relations with NASCAR. Before any investigation, the FTC should ask the Center for Science in the Public Interest one simple question: Where's The Science?

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