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French Irony
In an attempt to promote public understanding of the benefits of the free market, France has created the Council for the Diffusion of Economic Culture. According to the BBC, the purpose of the Council is "to soften hostile attitudes towards capitalism by promoting financial know-how and greater enterprise through the media."

French officials are "worried about what they see as an over-reliance on the state and a lack of entrepreneurial dynamism."

However, the Council to help alleviate over-reliance on the state is itself operated by a government agency.

Although the French government is correct in realizing that the public needs a better understanding of how markets work, Winston suspects that the private sector might be better suited to taking charge of the educational effort.

At a time when many non-governmental organizations have specialized in bashing business, it might be beneficial if the private industry were to promote capitalism. Think of it as leading by example.

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