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Remember the Hindenburg!
You wouldn't think that there would be many fans of the accident 20 years ago at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Unless you talk to Greenpeace. Not that the NGO has anything positive to say about Chernobyl; it's just that they can't conceal their glee at exploiting the event in their endless quest against one of the most important sources of energy that doesn't require burning fossil fuels.

Greenpeace's tag line to their latest PR anti-nuclear campaign is "Speak out and say NO more nuclear power, NO more Chernobyls." Ending the use of nuclear power because of an accident at a Soviet-built reactor that met no Western safety standards would be akin to banning the development of hydrogen fuel cells because of the Hindenburg.

Based on Greenpeace's reasoning, no energy sources are acceptable. Dams have burst, oil has spilled, mines have collapsed, and people have been killed when cutting timber.

Of course, Greenpeace's rather extreme precautionary principles could just as easily be applied to every human endeavor including agriculture, medicine, construction, transportation and sex. Winston suspects thinks that life would be far less enjoyable if Greenpeace were able to impose their "just say no" ideology on America.

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