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Public Citizen Mocks Holocaust
The Iranian President claims the Holocaust is a lie; Public Citizen views it as a marketing opportunity.

In one of the sickest publicity campaigns in recent memory, a website called Walocaust is comparing Wal-Mart with the Holocaust and seeking to sell trinkets with logos combining Nazi emblems with Wal-Mart-style graphics. Wal-Mart considers the logos to an infringement on their trademark. However, the real issue is that Public Citizen is promoting the Walocaust campaign.

Public Citizen's website recently featured Walocaust as their lead "hot item." The Walocaust website serves an advertisement for Public Citizen including a prominent statement "Public Citizen has agreed to represent us" along with a large "Donate to Public Citizen - Click Here" link.

Moreover, Public Citizen has filed suit against Wal-Mart in Federal court on behalf of the individual behind the Walocaust website. The lawsuit seeks a "declaratory judgment" allowing the plaintiff to market items with the disputed logos. The suit also asks the court to award "attorney fees in this matter."

Public Citizen's investing in a campaign trivializing the Holocaust says more about what they will do for publicity than it does about Wal-Mart.

Public Citizen is not the ACLU, an organization committed to defending free speech irrespective of its merit. Instead, the previously mainstream consumer organization is donning the cloak of free speech advocate in an attempt to defend the indefensible.

Wal-Mart has been criticized by any number of organizations for various reasons. Fine. Vehement criticism of policies, companies, political parties and even people is a basic part of the American way of life. However, by promoting claims likening discount retailing to the Holocaust, Public Citizen has adopted Walocaust's tactics and values.
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