About Forum

This Forum is managed by the CRE Brasil, a regulatory watchdog located in Sao Paulo, Brasil.  CRE Brasil uses its CRE Brasil website to report on regulatory activities in Brasil and throughout the world.

The development of science based regulations is an international activity.  Non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) throughout the world have historically played a major role  in establishing regulatory policy.  This interactive public docket is dedicated to making their voices heard at the highest levels of government.

CRE Brasil with its access to opinion makers throughout the world is in a favorable position to provide timely and accurate information to decision-makers.

This Forum is an Interactive Public Docket  (IPD) which allows the public to communicate with these regulators on a 24/7 basis.

To this end we encourage our readers to provide relevant information by posting it on this web site.

CRE  Brasil is an active participant in a number of international regulatory procededings.  In some instances  US regulators have advised  their foreign counterparts of the shortcomings in proposed regulations as a result of a CRE Brasil or CRE  intervention in their proceedings.