Foreign NGOs on back foot as new Chinese law looms

Reuters posted an article titled, “Foreign NGOs on back foot as new Chinese law looms.” ┬áThe article reads in part as follows;

“Foreign organisations including social and environmental advocacy groups fear they could inadvertently break broadly defined new rules that take effect in China next month, with some even shutting up shop to avoid such pitfalls.

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s administration has made sweeping changes to Chinese law in the name of boosting national security, including a controversial cybersecurity law passed last month and another targeting foreign non-governmental organisations (NGO), slated for Jan. 1.

China says the NGO law, which grants broad powers to police to question NGO workers, monitor their finances and regulate their work, is necessary to regulate an unruly sector and that only those operating illegally have anything to fear.

Western governments say the law, which was passed in April, treats groups as criminals and would severely limit their ability to operate in China.

Foreign NGO employees in China have told Reuters that many groups still do not know whether they will be able to register with the authorities in time as key information about the process has not been published.”

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