590 NGOs Call To Stop Japan’s Whaling Policy in Antarctica

Scoop News published an article titled, “590 NGOs Call to Stop Japan’s Whaling Policy.” The article reads in part as follows;

“Nearly fifty non governmental organizations (NGOs) of Latin America, the Caribbean and international made an urgent call on Monday to their regional governments requesting urgent actions against the obvious intentions of the Japanese government to continue using so-called “scientific” whaling programs in Antarctica to cover commercial whaling operations and move towards the elimination of Southern Ocean whale sanctuary.

Forty-seven civil organizations from Latin America, the Caribbean and international called on Monday the Buenos Aires Group – Latin American countries at the International Whaling Commission (IWC) – to conduct urgent actions oriented to publicly reject the intentions of the government of Japan to continue slaughtering whales at a commercial-scale in the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary under allegedly “scientific” purposes.

The call of the NGOs follows the presentation last November of a new “scientific” whaling plan in Antarctica by the government of Japan, called NEWREP-A, which includes, among others, the annual catch of over 300 minke whales. The plan is part of the actions conducted by Japan after the landmark ruling of the International Court of Justice, that in March 31, 2014 ruled that the killing of whales of that country in Antarctica under alleged “scientific” research purposes is illegal since it violates the global moratorium on commercial whaling and the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary.

The delivery of the letter to the Buenos Aires Group coincides with the recent departure of the whaling fleet to Antarctica to conduct a “census” of whales by non-lethal methods, a move that forms part of the Japanese government strategy to gain support to its intentions to continue hunting hundreds of whales each year for “scientific” purposes in the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary, starting from December 2015.”

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