Israel doesn’t trust NGOs that get money from U.S. and Europe. Here’s why.

By William Booth and Ruth Eglash

JERUSALEM — Ayelet Shaked is Israel’s justice minister and the sponsor of a contentious bill that would require nongovernmental organizations that receive a majority of their funding from “foreign government entities,” including U.S. aid, to be labeled as such. It may also obligate members of those groups to wear special badges when they appear in the Israeli parliament.

Critics have called the bill a right-wing witch hunt designed to muzzle dissent, especially dissent about Israel’s 49-year military occupation of the West Bank.

Shaked, a computer engineer and a secular politician from Tel Aviv who is a star in the ultra-nationalist religious Zionist party Jewish Home, spoke with The Washington Post last week. This transcript of the interview has been condensed and edited for space and clarity.

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