ICAC releases new guidelines for Hong Kong NGOs and charities to guard against misuse of funds

By Jennifer Ngo, South China Morning Post

The corruption watchdog has released an updated set of guidelines for non-governmental organisations and charities in the social welfare sector to guard against any misuse of funds.

But the guidelines are not mandatory and do not have legal implications, and it will be up to NGOs to decide whether or not to adopt them.

Tse Man-shing, director of corruption prevention at the Independent Commission Against Corruption, said the risk of malpractice among Hong Kong NGOs was low.

“We’re not pushing out the guidelines because NGOs in Hong Kong are doing things the wrong way,” Tse said. “Think of it as a win-win situation for all – it’s a way to protect NGOs from accusations as well.”

With no legal power, the guidelines are there “in the short term” to help NGOs become less susceptible to corruption and misuse of funds, Tse said.

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