Live Q&A: How can NGOs lobby effectively to impact the political agenda?

As the UK General Election campaign kicks off we ask how NGOs can lobby effectively. Join our panel from 1-3pm BST on Thursday 2 April to discuss how to make changes happen

The Guardian

After the UK became the first country in the G7 to adopt the long-standing UN target to spend 0.7% of GDP on foreign aid, the chancellor was in high spirits.

“We should all take pride in this historic moment for the country,” said George Osborne as he delivered his budget statement to MPs.

The government’s spending commitment took years of lobbying from charities such as Christian Aid and Oxfam among others as well as campaign groups like the One Campaign and the Bond group of NGOs. In an age of countless e-petitions, publicity campaigns and street protests, it was a rare example of politicians and NGO staff working together to achieve a common objective.

But how can NGOs lobby governments effectively? How do you get access to decision-makers? What’s the most effective way to contact politicians? How do you persuade MPs to take up your cause? How do you pester an MP without irritating them?

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