Italian Seismic Legislation is Unjustified and should Not Be Enacted

Executive Summary

The Italian Senate, one of the two parliamentary chambers, recently approved by a narrow margin (114 to 103) an amendment to new rules that would make the use of seismic surveys (with “air-gun technology or other explosive techniques”) an eco-crime with 1 to 3 years of imprisonment. As of the date this article was posted, the Italian Parliament had not yet voted on this amendment

There is no justification for this proposed new crime. Oil and gas seismic is legal and heavily regulated in Brazil and many other countries. Under this regulatory regime, every objective review concludes that there is no reason to believe seismic is harming any marine mammal population or any other species.

BOEM’s Chief Environmental Officer William Y. Brown explains that

“To date, there has been no documented scientific evidence of noise from air gun geological and geophysical (G&G) seismic activities adversely affecting animal populations.”

Dr. Brown also notes that:

“because of its abundance, the bottlenose dolphin heads the class in number of potential exposures to air gun sound levels with potential effects on behavior. Yet Federal stock assessments for the dolphin do not identify air gun seismic surveys as adversely impacting stock sustainability in the Gulf of Mexico, where air gun surveys are routine.”

CRE Brasil has itself published an extensive survey that shows no harm from oil and gas seismic as regulated in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

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