Mapping Our NGO Community

We hear from NGOs and humanitarian workers all over the world – so we thought we’d put you on a map. Get in touch with pictures, videos and information about your organization

By Bibi van der Zee, Rachel Banning-Lover, Katherine Purvis, Anna Leach Maria Evrenos

The Guardian

Based in London, Afghanaid has worked in Afghanistan since 1983. Today it provides rural communities with water, sanitation, roads, schools and livelihoods. The organisation welcomes volunteer internships and is currently running an appeal to help flood and landslide survivors.

Concern is Ireland’s largest NGO and started in 1968 with sending a ship of food and medicine to Biafra (now a state in Nigeria). The NGO now works in six countries in Asia, 19 in Africa, Haiti, Syria and Lebanon, focusing on ending poverty and hunger. Its Christmas appeal is to send food to malnourished children in South Sudan. One of their latest projects is working with a partner in Malawi, Merck for Mothers, to provide bicycle ambulances.

Targetting violence in their society, the Jordanian KAFA (Action Against Societal Violence) organise workshops in communities and schools. They aim “to arrive at a common understanding of the problem and ways and means to combat it at the local level”.

Formed in 1998, United Aid for Azerbaijan aids development in Azerbaijan with a particular focus on education, children, disability and welfare. It supports thousands of children across the country and their work includes community-based rehabilitation, pre-school education, social work and inclusive education. It fights for reforms and empower parents to become advocates on behalf of their children.

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