The Regulation of Seismic Exploration in the United States.

See this Interactive Public Docket    focused solely on the regulation of seismic exploration in the United States.

An IPD breaks the government monopoly over the content of a docket in the all-important post public comment period.

This Forum is managed by the Center for Regulatory Effectiveness (CRE), a regulatory watchdog founded and managed by former regulatory officials of the regulatory review office (OIRA) of the White House Office of Management and Budget. CRE manages a number of websites dedicated to increasing the transparency of the regulatory process, including TheOMB.USa website focused on OMB’s role in centralized regulatory review beginning with the Johnson Administration and updated constantly to reflect the actions of the current Administration.

CRE personnel through years of government service have made notable contributions  to the formation and operation of OIRA.  In order that OIRA remain a viable and effective institution it must have access to timely information as it discharges its role of “regulating the regulators”.

It is for this reason that CRE has developed this Forum which is an Interactive Public Docket (IPD) which allows the public and stakeholders to communicate with regulators and OIRA on a 24/7 basis.   OIRA Watch  will also work to have OIRA begin to use more fully its existing regulatory review authorities over the independent agencies.

CRE has and IPD dedicated exclusively to OIRA.

The  consideration and ultimate acceptance of the material on an  IPD  by federal regulators and their  regulatory overseers depends in large part on the recognized  regulatory expertise  and federal credentials  of the managers of the organization which hosts the IPD.

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