“Leading NGOs criticise UN over ‘shameful’ inaction towards Covid-19 crisis”

Editor’s Note: France24.com  published the above titled article.  The article reads in part as follows:

Leading non-governmental organisations on Tuesday blasted the UN Security Council’s “shameful” inaction towards the Covid-19 crisis, especially over a call for truces in some conflict zones during the pandemic.

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres called for ceasefires in fighting around the world two months ago.

But the Security Council – debilitated by a confrontation between China and the United States – has failed to agree on a resolution supporting the initiative in the conflicts which fall under its mandate, the NGOs said in a statement.

“The paralysis of the Security Council in the face of Covid is shameful. To millions of people, it is also incomprehensible,” said David Miliband, CEO of the International Rescue Committee.

For Rob Malley, president and CEO of the International Crisis Group, Washington and Beijing “have treated these negotiations as an opportunity for a blame-game over the origins of Covid-19 rather than an opening to make a straightforward call for a reduction in violence during the pandemic.”

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