“The strengths and failings of NGOs”


Editor’s note: Arun Maira wrote and The Hindu Business Line posted the above-titled article, which reads in part as follows:

“Citizen-led upsurges bring about change, but the gains are lost in sheer organisational dynamics. These need to be examined

Objections to Greenpeace’s strategies by Extinction Rebellion (XR), the environmental movement whose supporters occupied Greenpeace’s offices last year, as well as its own successes, highlight contrasts between the strategies of organisations and citizens’ movements. Loose citizens’ movements are often more effective as advocates for change.

History abounds with examples: such as the Arab Spring citizens’ movements in 2011 which upturned dictatorships; the nation-wide anti-corruption movement in India in 2013 which led to the downfall of the Congress-party led government; and the mass civil disobedience movement with which Mahatma Gandhi wore down the British Empire in India, and whose methods for changing public attitudes and government policies have been adopted by civil rights movements in the US and elsewhere.”

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