“6 insights for NGOs to transform corporate sustainability”

GreenBiz posted the above-titled article on its website. This article is by Bob Langert.  It reads in part as follows:

“Nonprofit organizations, or NGOs, have great opportunity to accelerate corporate sustainability efforts. Yet I see many mistakes. In my former career at McDonald’s, I was involved in the good, bad and ugly of NGO involvement. I recount much of this in my newly released book, “The Battle To Do Good: Inside McDonald’s Sustainability Journey.”

Companies get critiqued all the time on how they can do better and receive relentless feedback. Not so with NGOs. They too often get a free pass. Why would a company stir them up with criticism?

NGOs’ successful engagement with companies is absolutely necessary and fundamental if corporate sustainability is to make positive transformative societal change. So, I have reeled in everything I have observed and learned in the past 30 years to create five key insights to help NGOs better wield their innate power to influence, accompanied by a few excerpts from my new book.”

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