“How China Sidelines NGOs”

 The Diplomat posted the above-titled article, which reads in part as follows:

“Following implementation of China’s first national Domestic Violence Law in March 2016, improvements to victim protections included institution of a written warning system, protection orders, and declaration of comprehensive enforcement standards. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) were essential in advocating for this change. However, evidence now suggests that they are all but out of the implementation process, or being redirected and controlled in ways that limit the efficacy of their contributions. To ensure full implementation of China’s Domestic Violence Law, the energies and expertise of Chinese society must be acknowledged, encouraged, and incorporated.

The trend of censoring NGOs is not unique to those focused on domestic violence. Since 2012 NGOs across a variety of fields have encountered increasing barriers to operations, including limiting freedom of expression and mandating foreign NGO registration with domestic partners. NGOs are increasingly redefined as “social organizations,” a term that lessens the impression that any group is operating outside of government control.”

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