“8 Useful Ways To Raise Funds For NGOs”

The above-titled article was recently published in the Social Post.  The entire article reads as follows:

“NGOs are playing a vital role in the society. Where Government failed to work NGOs take the lead. But running an NGO is a big task. It needs lots of guts and courage along with funds. Most of the people are afraid of raising the funds for the NGOs.

Without funds, NGOs cannot run. Now with the increase in the number of NGOs fundraising is also getting tough day by day. Besides that due to exposure of several malpractices in some of the leading NGOs of the country people are sceptical about the NGOs nowadays. Here are few tips social post.news shares with our readers on the fundraising.

1. Messaging through Mobile:

Messaging through mobile phones play an important role in creating public awareness and also bringing the funds. Nowadays most NGOs like to spread their messages through mobile and also their website through the mobile phone. Every day NGS can have interaction with a number of people through mobile and also get help from the donors.

2. Email:

In today’s information technology age email have a great role to play in propagating the NGOs philosophy and work. Send an email to people and well-wishers. Inform them, educate them and also update them about the activities. Though all the well-wishers may no reply through email but sending messages to them will create a positive attitude towards the NGO.

3. Tax Saving:

NGO must get their NGOs registered under Section 80G of Income tax department. Under the 80G donors finds it very easy to donate for a cause. This is a great opportunity for the NGOs to capitalize. 80G attracts lots of companies and individuals to donate for the charity purposes.

4. Extol a popular cause and trend:

Popular trends and hot topics always attract both masses and classes. It attacks lots of people towards the NGO. To select a topic social media like Facebook and Twitter are the best platforms for the NGO to select a topic and then galvanize on them. NGOs must know what general people like to discuss and work on them and then cultivate on these topics.”

5. Keep ready your brochure and leaflets:

NGOs must have their own newsletter, brochure and leaflet as to present their activities. Visitors and well-wishers must be informed about their activities, goals and recent development through brochures, leaflets and newsletter. This gives credibility to the NGO and their activities and also help in bringing funds.

6. Cultivate online platform:

Majority of the NGOs like to have transaction offline but now a day in this information technology age online platform is one of the biggest platforms for the funding of the NGOs. Online crowdfunding is fast becoming one of the most possible sources of funding for social good. Lots of NGOs are utilising this platform as a means of bringing more funds to their organization.

7. Street plays, banners and posters:

Enacting street plays on a particular cause, putting banners and poster in different places with bringing awareness about the NGOs and their activities. Which will ultimately help them in bringing more funds for the NGOs

8. Reward your donors:

Take and give is the way of the world. When the donor offers something cash or kind please give them something like a free gift-a token, certificate or voucher as a reminder of their contribution and also building a positive atmosphere and trust.”




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