“What you need to know about crowdfunding for NGOs”

Born2Invest published the above-captioned article, which reads as follows:

When hearing the term “crowdfunding,” most would immediately think about products and services. That is partly true as crowdfunding has been primarily used to launch startups worldwide. Moving beyond products and services, this new form of fundraising has found its way into supporting non-government organizations (NGOs) and other social causes.

NGOs face a lot of problems but one of the biggest issue to tackle is the lack of funds. This problem is caused by a few factors including the lack of resources to market their cause and poor networking. Unlike corporations and other business-centric entities, NGOs direct the funds they acquire to projects that would support their target community so they need all the funds they can.

The lack of monetary support could greatly cripple NGOs and the projects they want to accomplish. Most organizations rely only on support from the local community and government but doing so places a limit on what they can achieve. What NGOs really needed was an affordable way to reach out to donors from around the world.”

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