“Foam insulation groups challenge US NGO criticism”

ChemicalWatch published the above-titled article, which reads as follows:

“Foam insulation groups say that an NGO report that cautioned against their products “ignores science” and focuses too heavily on the mere presence of a chemical in a product.

The criticism has come in response to a report authored by the Energy Efficiency for All NGO partnership, which ranked insulation and air-sealing products based on their chemical composition and potential health effects, as well as their performance and costs.

Foam insulation materials were among the products the authors cautioned against using in their report, A Guide to Healthier Upgrade Materials, due in part to their containing certain halogenated flame retardants or isocyanates. And a co-author has defended the study in a statement to Chemical Watch.

But Stephen Wieroniey, director for the American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) Center for the Polyurethanes Industry, told Chemical Watch the report ‘presents a simplistic approach to complicated issues, and it ignores decades of established and accepted science’.”

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