If NGOs become local-based, aid will be more efficient

New Vision published an article titled, “If NGOs become local-based, aid will be more efficient.” The article reads in part as follows;

“All international aid organisations now must ensure that their activities reach vulnerable communities in a different way

For a long, long time, the humanitarian ball-game has been about aid services practically handed to vulnerable communities suffering various dimensions of emergencies.

A few tried to organise local people into groups tomake them to be among the actual solutions to humanitarian problems. The majority have not. And this practice has encouraged the ‘dependency syndrome’, as aid organisations did their work hands-on. And when they exited communities, things fell apart. Communities that became accustomed to hand-outs could not attempt to do things independently. They lacked the capacity and so found themselves asking for more help.

But today, things are changing in a way that requires aid agencies to remodel their work. Re-organise local people to empower them. And work with them as partners to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable people.

With the old method, there were lots of success stories, as much as unsuccessful ones to write home about. Humanitarian agencies had to successfully navigate the non-navigable situations of war and other emergencies.

Despite the challenges, they endured to deliver their message. They did this in order to deliver humanitarian services in these very difficult circumstances, because of compassion. But many humanitarian workers laid down their lives in the process.

Many were held up in the situations and a lot escaped with bruises. Now, the humanitarian community demand that in order to optimise resources and create necessary impact, humanitarian capacity building of communities is the way to go, really. It requires everybody to throw their weight in it to re-define what has hitherto been called humanitarian aid and development around our world, and collectively make things work.

All international aid organisations now must ensure that their activities reach vulnerable communities in a different way. They can deliberately create local organisations or groups. And empower them with the necessary capacity building to gradually develop local community-based organisations from what they have.


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