Top 100 NGOs

The Global Journal began publishing nonprofit rankings in 2012 with the Top 100 NGOs. After expanding the scope of the project to a Top 500 NGOs in 2015, the fourth edition picks up where the Journal left off on an all-new media platform, NGO Advisor. The 2016 edition intensifies this fascinating exploration of the global nonprofit sector with three Top 500 rankings: World, USA, and India. The scoring for the newest World edition is already underway, with the next international ranking of NGOs coming out on June 16, 2016. The other rankings arrive later in 2016.

Interested nonprofit organizations should register on the new platform and fill out the free online questionnaire as soon as possible. Please provide all relevant information, including financial data, before April 30. If you cannot meet that deadline, please let us know at info@ngoadvisor.net.

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