EU parliament shelves NGO funding proposal

Euobserver published an article titled, “EU parliament shelves NGO funding proposal.” The article reads in part as follows;

“The European Parliament has postponed a report that aimed to step up scrutiny on the EU’s financing of NGOs, after Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban compared it to a controversial Hungarian bill.

The coordinators of the budgetary control committee decided on Thursday (4 May) to ask the European Court of Auditors for a special assessment regaring EU funding of NGOs before proceeding with the report.

Markus Pieper, a German MEP from the centre-right EPP group, headed the file, which wasn’t binding but aimed to ask the European Commission to impose stricter controls on NGOs and the way in which they spend EU funds.

Pieper’s office declined a request to comment.

But Petri Sarvamaa, a Finnish MEP and EPP coordinator in the budgetary control committee, told EUobserver that Pieper had volunteered to write the report ‘after running into things that caught his attention in the NGO world’ whilst he was writing the parliament’s discharge report on the implementation of the EU budget of 2012.

‘Through his report, we wanted to have a closer look at how taxpayers’ money is being used, Sarvamaa said.

The Finnish MEP added that some NGOs communicate in a way that is ‘sometimes biased or even twisted to serve political ends’, although he didn’t specify to which organisations he was referring.”

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