Are you getting calls from NGOs asking you to donate? What you should know

The News Minute published an article titled, “Are you getting calls from NGOs asking you to donate? What you should know.” The article reads in part as follows;

“If you own a phone and have ever given your number to anyone at all – and even if you haven’t – chances are, you’ve definitely received an unsolicited marketing call. Sometimes, it’s a telecom company, or a bank trying to sell you a credit card.

And sometimes, the caller on the other end says they want your money, usually for an urgent cause. There are children dying in a Delhi hospital, there are animals who need immediate treatment, there are elders in an old age home who require assistance…

While it is important to donate to causes you believe in, what’s also important is to ensure that you’re not taken in by scamsters. ‘We can’t say that no genuine NGO would ever make a phone call to ask for donations – but unless you know them personally, you should always tell them that you will decide and call back’, says Dr Swarna Rajagopalan, founder and managing trustee of Prajnya Trust.

‘And if they’re not willing to give you that time, that itself is a sign that this is not a genuine NGO’, she says.

While there are no state-approved standards for how NGOs are allowed to fund raise, there are several ways in which you can ensure that you’re not cheated.”

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