“How China Sidelines NGOs”

 The Diplomat posted the above-titled article, which reads in part as follows:

“Following implementation of China’s first national Domestic Violence Law in March 2016, improvements to victim protections included institution of a written warning system, protection orders, and declaration of comprehensive enforcement standards. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) were essential in advocating for this change. However, evidence now suggests that they are all but out of the implementation process, or being redirected and controlled in ways that limit the efficacy of their contributions. To ensure full implementation of China’s Domestic Violence Law, the energies and expertise of Chinese society must be acknowledged, encouraged, and incorporated.


“Hungary takes fight against NGOs to EU level”

Euractiv posted the above-titled article, which reads as follows:

“At a Luxembourg meeting of EU foreign ministers on Tuesday (15 October), Hungary called on the EU to stop funding for NGOs that undermine the sovereignty of neighbouring countries such as Israel and Egypt or states that contribute to illegal migration.

The move in itself is not surprising, since Hungary is domestically at war with philanthropist George Soros and NGOs helping migrants. A so-called “Stop Soros Bill” introduces prison sentences for those providing funds on a regular basis to such organisations.


“George Soros foundation sues Hungary on laws targeting NGOs”

Fox News posted the above-titled article, which reads as follows:

“BUDAPEST, Hungary – An international philanthropic organization founded by billionaire George Soros said Monday it has filed applications before the European Court of Human Rights and Hungary’s Constitutional Court to challenge recent laws in Hungary targeting civic groups working with refugees and asylum-seekers.

James Goldston, director of the Open Society Foundations’ legal team, told The Associated Press that the legal action is aimed at countering laws ‘designed to intimidate and silence independent voices in Hungary.’

The Open Society Foundations support some of the civic groups targeted by Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s unyielding anti-immigration policies.


“8 Useful Ways To Raise Funds For NGOs”

The above-titled article was recently published in the Social Post.  The entire article reads as follows:

“NGOs are playing a vital role in the society. Where Government failed to work NGOs take the lead. But running an NGO is a big task. It needs lots of guts and courage along with funds. Most of the people are afraid of raising the funds for the NGOs.

Without funds, NGOs cannot run. Now with the increase in the number of NGOs fundraising is also getting tough day by day. Besides that due to exposure of several malpractices in some of the leading NGOs of the country people are sceptical about the NGOs nowadays. Here are few tips social post.news shares with our readers on the fundraising.


“What you need to know about crowdfunding for NGOs”

Born2Invest published the above-captioned article, which reads as follows:

When hearing the term “crowdfunding,” most would immediately think about products and services. That is partly true as crowdfunding has been primarily used to launch startups worldwide. Moving beyond products and services, this new form of fundraising has found its way into supporting non-government organizations (NGOs) and other social causes.

NGOs face a lot of problems but one of the biggest issue to tackle is the lack of funds. This problem is caused by a few factors including the lack of resources to market their cause and poor networking. Unlike corporations and other business-centric entities, NGOs direct the funds they acquire to projects that would support their target community so they need all the funds they can.