“Foam insulation groups challenge US NGO criticism”

ChemicalWatch published the above-titled article, which reads as follows:

“Foam insulation groups say that an NGO report that cautioned against their products “ignores science” and focuses too heavily on the mere presence of a chemical in a product.

The criticism has come in response to a report authored by the Energy Efficiency for All NGO partnership, which ranked insulation and air-sealing products based on their chemical composition and potential health effects, as well as their performance and costs.


Inside a pro-democracy NGO, an employee-led labor movement takes shape

Devex published the following article:

WASHINGTON — Last month, employees at the National Democratic Institute voted to join a union, a decision aimed at improving their bargaining power over a range of workplace benefits — including some unique to the international development industry.

As a union workforce, NDI employees will negotiate vacation, sick leave, and health care, as well as international travel policies, often to insecure locations where NDI supports democratic institutions.

The move to unionize by an international development organization is a rare one — even for organizations that support labor movements in other countries. It speaks to a growing awareness among development professionals that being mission-driven does not have to mean foregoing some of the options available to improve workplace conditions.”


“NGOs do more harm than good in conflict zones” By MENELAOS AGALOGLOU 09 SEP 2018


The Myanmar Times published the above-captioned article, which reads in part as follows:

“WHILE reading the sex scandals involving Oxfam personnel in Haiti, I remembered past reports implicating UN peacekeepers in the Central African Republic as well as my recent humanitarian venture with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Myanmar and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Worldwide NGO Directory

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“NGO lawsuit seeks documents behind EPA ‘science transparency’ proposal”

Chemical Watch posted the above titled article, which reads as follows:

“The NGO the Environmental Defense Fund has sued the US EPA over its failure to release requested documents related to its proposed ‘science transparency rule’.

The lawsuit relates to the EPA’s proposed rule: Strengthening transparency in regulatory science. The controversial plan is intended to ensure that science underpinning regulatory decisions is available for public validation. But its detractors say it will limit the types of data the EPA can consider in rulemakings.